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Nov 18, 2021 • App Update

Access our Help Center on the Go!

Access our Help Center on the Go!
It’s important that our users are able to make the most out of Trucker Path, and we are here to help!  
The team at Trucker Path are here remind you that our Help Center is a fast and free way to fix any problems you may have encountered when using the app. Mobile and web accessibility means you’ve got the support you need on the go.  
The Help Center can be found on:  
1) Our Website – Find the Help Center under ‘Company’.  
Or click here to visit the Help Center.

2) Our App – Under Me, tap User Manual.

If your problem is not covered on the Help Center, you can get in touch with Customer Support directly on the Trucker Path app or send us an email at
Starting your Career as a Truck Driver
Aug 31, 2021 • Carriers
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