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Mar 01, 2019 • Carriers

Industry Update - March 1, 2019

Industry Update - March 1, 2019

By Jeremy Feucht

Did you Know?

An engine in a semi is designed to run 24/7 for 1,000,000 miles before needing to be completely rebuilt.

Trucking tip of the Week

In the cold weather, increasing the air pressure in your tires is a good idea. This helps ensure that cold air does not affect the safety of your tires. In cold weather, air molecules huddle together thus reducing pressure. Be careful though not to over inflate your tires as it makes for an incredibly rough ride and reduces your control over the vehicle.


Good portions of the west and mid-west saw record breaking snow fall for the month of February. This snow fall shut down portions of highways through Washington, Oregon and Idaho in particular. However, these states have not called for Declarations of Emergency because it only affects a portion of the state. Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin, however, have all declared a State of Emergency due to a lack of fuel, heating oil and propane for its citizens because of the continued poor weather across their entire state. Propane carriers are usually exempted from hours of service rules this time of year anyway, but fuel haulers will now be granted this exemption until the middle of March.


The age restriction for interstate driving may change 21 to 18. In a rare move of bipartisanship in both the US House and US Senate, a piece of legislation called the “DRIVE Safe Act” looks like it will be pushed through. The act itself does not simply opening the doors for those that are 18 to immediately go long haul, but that does not make it any less controversial. While it is endorsed heavily by the ATA to slow the increasing driver shortage, it still allows younger people, with significantly less driving experience, to drive dangerous vehicles. The legislation would require those under 21 to log significant hours both on duty and behind the wheel as an apprentice before being able to do so on their own. This is the same bill that was introduced in March of last year but has more backing this go around.

Intermodal and Trucking at Odds

Lobbyists for the intermodal transportation entities had a chance to have their voices heard this week in DC. Looking to head off the desire for bigger and heavier trucks hitting the roadways, rail and waterway experts were called upon for a hearing with the US Senate Transportation and Safety subcommittee. Members of the Senate subcommittee though did press back on some of the strategies that ocean liners are beginning to practice using such as “street turns.” A street turn is using the empty container that was picked up at port and using it to haul a load back towards, or even back to, the port.
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