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Jul 14, 2020 • Carriers

GPS Devices for Trucks

GPS Devices for Trucks

Truck GPS navigation devices are different than the one you might use in your everyday car or truck. The screens are usually larger, sturdier for everyday use, and offer more advanced, but necessary, features truck drivers need to safely and efficiently make it to their destination. Here are some of the most common GPS devices that Truckers use in this day and age. 

1. Garmin dezl 770LMT

Cost: Approximately $450-$500

Description: 7” HD screen with glass display.

Features: This trucking GPS navigation unit features a truck and trailers services directory, customized trucking routes, lifetime map updates, weigh station alerts, traffic and weather information, backup camera compatibility, and Bluetooth capabilities for hands-free use. 

2. Rand McNally TND 520

Cost: Approximately $400

Description: 5” display screen.

Features: This trucking GPS navigation unit features updates on weather, fuel pricing, traffic, and travel centers along with assistance tracking fuel and mileage logs.

3. TruckWayGPS – Model 720 

Cost: Approx $150

Description: large 7” touch screen display, with 800×400 pixels.

Features: This trucking GPS navigation unit provides drivers with current and up-to-date maps, 3D maps, as well as free maps for the US and Canada. You can even enter the weight and directions for your truck so you can get the best route for the type of load you’re hauling.

For many drivers, a GPS unit on its own isn’t enough to give them the information they want or need. Many drivers like to use supplementary apps to ensure they have their location and approach nailed down. Apps like Trucker Path offer additional information and features that GPS units simply don’t have (for only $9.99 a month),such as more information on truck stops, best places for truckers to get food, best places to stay the night, updates on whether stops are open, and even ratings from other truck drivers on what these places are like. 

By Aldous Aldwin