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May 20, 2021 • Carriers

Different Types of Trucking Jobs

Different Types of Trucking Jobs

Truck driving is a challenging profession that requires incredible mental fortitude. You are constantly on the road, away from family and the warm embrace of your home. On top of that, you are driving most of the time, so there is hardly time for any rest. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a suitable trucking job that fits your schedule and allows you to relax. There are plenty of opportunities you can explore!

There are plenty of opportunities you can explore!

Dry Van Hauling

Dry van hauling is tailor-made for beginner truckers. You only have to deliver non-perishable items from one place to another. The loading and unloading are also done by the client, so you only have to focus on the driving.

Freight Trucker

Freight is a very broad term, so anything other than dry goods come under the definition. It’s tough being a freight hauler as you are expected to transport all kinds of goods. They can be hazardous, liquid materials, or anything that dry haulers are not allowed to carry.

Oil/Gasoline Tanker

Hauling a tanker is no easy task. You have to be focused every moment and take care of the cargo at all times. One mistake could result in a horrible accident. Tanker haulers are some of the most sought-after trucking jobs in the industry. The high risk means there is a high reward as well. So, it is natural for truckers to look for tanker jobs.

Refrigerated Goods Transport

Transporting refrigerated goods does not require a lot of skill, but it involves being punctual. You cannot fall behind the deadline, or the entire cargo can spoil. There is a lot of responsibility on such truckers but the good thing is that these jobs are close to home. You are not always expected to transport goods to far-off places.

Flatbed Trucker

Any item that is too large or has an irregular shape, is transported by flatbed truckers. Flatbed trailers are open, which means the cargo is exposed to the elements at all times. The job requires extreme skill, to deliver the goods safely and on time. Trucks, cars, heavy machinery, and other similar items are transported using a flatbed hauler.

Regional Trucking Jobs

If you are not worried about earning the big bucks and you are happier near your home, then regional trucking is for you. Such a job is easy and does not pay much, but at least you don’t have to be away from home all the time.

Hotshot Trucking

There is no need to be disappointed if you like trucking and you don’t have a semi. A class 3 or 5 truck can also do the job. Hotshot trucking is attaching a trailer to your small truck and transporting goods using that setup. Once you have the capital and experience to upgrade, you can shift to a semi and accept more serious trucking jobs..

What about you? Which one are you or which one would you want to try out? Comment below.

By Aldous Aldwin

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