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Mar 28, 2019 • MATS

Trucker Path to Unveil New Product Offerings at the Mid America Truck Show

Trucker Path to Unveil New Product Offerings at the Mid America Truck Show

Phoenix, AZ – With nearly 1M monthly active users, Trucker Path is America’s largest over the road community. “Our members continually tell us how our app reduces the stress of planning a trip, fuel prices and finding a safe place to park,” said Joe Chen, CEO of Trucker Path. Chen stated, “The community told us their number one feature request of the Trucker Path app was a truck specific navigation system, so we are launching truck specific navigation.”  

Trucker Path truck navigation will ease the anxiety that an over the road driver has when planning a trip. A navigation subscriber will be routed on truck specific routes that avoide low bridges and bridges with weight restrictions. When a user attempts to use a road that is not a designated truck route, alarms will be activated notifying the user to avoid the route.

Over 1500 over the road drivers have been beta testing the Trucker Path Community board over the last 60 days. The community room allows users to comment in 26 trucking related forums, ask questions in the truck models section and post and view used equipment. “We have built a community space that gives drivers a chance to discuss what’s on their mind with other drivers and post pictures of their trucks,” said Chen. He continued, “Drivers love to talk and love their truck we are already seeing this to be popular feature to the app.”  

At the Mid America Truck Show, Trucker Path will launch their WIN FREE FUEL Sweepstakes. One lucky trucker will win 1000 gallons of free fuel.  Trucker Path’s booth number is 64232.  

Launching in March is the job board, Trucker Path Hire, which will allow trucking companies to post job opportunities locally and nationally for drivers.  

About Trucker Path

Trucker Path is America’s largest trucking community with nearly 1M truck drivers as active users equating to over 25 percent of U.S. based long-haul truckers. The exponential growth of the Trucker Path app led to the release of Truckloads, an online marketplace connecting freight brokers with hundreds of thousands of member carriers via the web and mobile devices. In mid 2018 the Trucker Path ELD was launched. The Trucker Path team strives to bring efficiencies to the freight transportation industry while making life on the road easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable for truck drivers.