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Mar 15, 2019 • Carriers

Industry Update - March 15, 2019

Industry Update - March 15, 2019

Trucking Industry Update March 15, 2019

By Jeremy Feucht

Did you Know?

One of the world’s first, and at the time the worst, oil tanker spill occurred this week in history. On March 16, 1978, the Supertanker Amoco Cadiz, wrecked off the coast of France. The spill released 68 million gallons of oil into the Ocean and covered roughly 240 miles of French coastline in oil.  

Trucking tip of the Week

We are about a week away from Spring Break for most of the US. This means more cars on the road traveling to both big cities and remote areas. Make sure you allow yourself additional time on your trips. Be vigilant as this time of year also begins to see an increase in freight thefts. Be careful and be safe.  

Declarations of Emergency

With another massive storm hitting the US, make sure you are checking the road and weather reports for the areas you are traveling to and through. This time, a good portion of the Mid-West and Plain States were hit with what is being called a “Bomb Cyclone.” This weather pattern hit states from Colorado to Iowa and as far south as Missouri. Many states have already declared a State of Emergency. Make sure you know if your loads are cleared for hours of service exemptions before trying to run in an exempt status.  


In what should come as little surprise, and good news to owner-operators, large fleets saw a reduction in turnover rates in 2018. This is because large trucking companies increased pay across the board for their drivers. As rates drove up, companies were desperate to keep their seasoned drivers from going off on their own and increased pay. By doing this, they allowed owner-operators to operate at higher rates in the spot-market for a bit longer than normal. As rates begin to fall again, we will see if large fleets retain their high pay rates through the summer or not.  

Danger on the Road

This piece of news has several dangerous aspects to it. A driver, just outside of Spokane, WA was uninjured when he navigated the rest stop exit improperly and wrecked his truck into a snow bank. Normally, a wreck that is off the freeway/highway would not shut down an interstate for two hours. This one however did as the trucker had 16, 2000-pound US Military missiles on board. Military crews from Fairchild Air Force Base were called to clean up and secure the scene.
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